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The Festival of Storms has been delayed – New Updates

We’ve got some news to share regarding the Festival of Storms, as well as some updates and chages that have happened on the island!

Recycling Plant On Fire Banner
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A Shocking Surprise – New Updates!

There’s new updates on Frosty! The Recycling Plant has been struck by lightning, and there is construction for the Festival of Storms!

November 2020 Igloo Banner
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New Igloo Content for November!

Frosty has released new igloo content for November, which includes a new Better Igloos furniture catalog, and new igloo music for you to jam to!

Gary Predicts The Storm Banner
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Gary’s Worrying Predictions – New Updates!

New updates have released on Frosty, and the storm from Halloween is here to stay? Read more in the Penguin Times, and check out all the other updates!

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Happy 15th Anniversary – New Code!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of one of the best virtual worlds ever made, Frosty has released a code for you to unlock for one day only!

Halloween Party 2020 Banner
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The Halloween Party Has Started!

The Halloween Party has started on Frosty, and the entire island has been decorated with different and uniquemany things to do!

Storm 2020 Banner
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Some Creepy Preparations – New Updates!

There’s some more spooky updates on Frosty, including new igloo content, and construction for the Halloween Party!

October Penguin Style 2020 Banner
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Spooky Scary Styles – New Updates!

BOO! Some very spooky updates have released around the island on Frosty, including a new Penguin Style, Stage play, and more!

The Fair 2020 Rockhopper Banner
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The Fair: Week 2 Updates and a New Code!

We’ve released some new updates for the second week of The Fair, which include some new prizes, and a couple of surprises!

The Fair 2020 Banner
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The Fair Has Begun!

Roll up, roll up! Step right up to The Fair on Frosty! Play mini games, earn lots of tickets, and get prizes!

Rockhopper Card-Jitsu Banner
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New Piratey Card-Jitsu Code!

A new code has been launched on Frosty, which can unlock 5 Rockhopper themed Card-Jitsu cards!

Penguin Style/Space Adventure Banner
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Some Fairly Awesome Styles – New Updates!

We’ve launched some brand new updates on Frosty, including a new Penguin Style catalog and a new Stage play for everyone to check out!

Migrator Background
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The Penguin Games Come To An End – New Updates!

New updates have been released on Frosty, including a new newspaper, and the announcing of the winning team of The Great Penguin Games!

The Great Penguin Games Banner
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The Great Penguin Games Have Started!

It’s the ultimate sporting event of the year. Many sporting activities to participate in. Which side will you choose? The Great Penguin Games is now LIVE!

Penguin Games Construction Banner
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Some Sporty Construction – New Updates!

We’ve released some new updates for everyone to explore around the island, including construction, new igloo content, and more!

August 2020 Penguin Style Banner
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New Penguin Style Catalog for August 2020!

We’ve just released the new Penguin Style catalog for August of 2020, and its full of lots of new items and features!

Summer Party 2020 Development Header
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The Development of the Summer Party 2020

The Summer Party 2020 Development went through a lot of changes as the weeks went on, and we’re giving you a glimpse at what went on behind the scenes!

The Penguins That Time Forgot Banner
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New Updates Are Live Around The Island!

We’ve released lots of new updates around the island, including a new pin, stage play, newspaper, and a slight update to the map!

Summer Party Code Header
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A New Code for the Summer Party 2020!

We promised another code for the second week of the Summer Party 2020, and so we released a new one containing a new item and some coins!

Summer Party 2nd Week Update Banner
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Summer Party: Second Week Update!

If you think the Summer Party 2020 didn’t have enough content already, then get ready, because we’ve released a Week 2 update with more items to collect!

Summer Code Featured Image
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A New Summer Code … and lots of bug fixes!

A New Code… and some bug fixes!

Screenshot of the new Frosty Play Page
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The all-new redesigned play page & Army server cluster!

We have completely redesigned the play page to improve the user experience, and we have also added 16 more servers in an all-new server cluster: Army!

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Huge Update! (and Some Sneak Peeks…)

A new month means new surprises! The Frosty team has been working hard the past couple months and we’re very excited to show you all what we have in store for this season.

Club Penguin Army Hub header
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Our partnership with the Club Penguin Army Hub

This blog post announces the partnership between the Club Penguin Army Hub and Frosty, and it explains what will change/be added because of the partnership!

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The brand-new Frosty Blog

We now have a blog where we will write announcements! Find out what this means for Frosty in this blog post.