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Happy 15th Anniversary – New Code!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of one of the best virtual worlds ever made, Frosty has released a code for you to unlock for one day only!

The Fair 2020 Rockhopper Banner
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The Fair: Week 2 Updates and a New Code!

We’ve released some new updates for the second week of The Fair, which include some new prizes, and a couple of surprises!

Rockhopper Card-Jitsu Banner
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New Piratey Card-Jitsu Code!

A new code has been launched on Frosty, which can unlock 5 Rockhopper themed Card-Jitsu cards!

Summer Party Code Header
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A New Code for the Summer Party 2020!

We promised another code for the second week of the Summer Party 2020, and so we released a new one containing a new item and some coins!

Summer Code Featured Image
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A New Summer Code … and lots of bug fixes!

A New Code… and some bug fixes!

Picture of Daniel using the Army Outfit Switcher to switch to the Water Vikings outfit.
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The Army Outfit Switcher has now been added!

Hello, penguins! We have added the Army Outfit Switcher. Read more about it in this post, which tells you what it does and has a list of all the outfits.