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Happy 15th Anniversary – New Code!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of one of the best virtual worlds ever made, Frosty has released a code for you to unlock for one day only!

The Fair 2020 Rockhopper Banner
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The Fair: Week 2 Updates and a New Code!

We’ve released some new updates for the second week of The Fair, which include some new prizes, and a couple of surprises!

Rockhopper Card-Jitsu Banner
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New Piratey Card-Jitsu Code!

A new code has been launched on Frosty, which can unlock 5 Rockhopper themed Card-Jitsu cards!

Summer Party Code Header
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A New Code for the Summer Party 2020!

We promised another code for the second week of the Summer Party 2020, and so we released a new one containing a new item and some coins!

Summer Code Featured Image
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A New Summer Code … and lots of bug fixes!

A New Code… and some bug fixes!