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Our partnership with the Club Penguin Army Hub

Hello, Frosty players! In this blog post, I’ll be announcing our partnership with the Club Penguin Army hub and what this will mean for Frosty.

What is the Club Penguin Army Hub?

The Club Penguin Army Hub is an organization that serves as the main body for all Club Penguin armies across multiple CPPSes. They do stuff like write army news on their website, organize tournaments, etc…

It was originally two separate organizations: Club Penguin Army Media and Club Penguin Army League, but now they’ve merged into one: the Club Penguin Army Hub.

Our partnership and what this means for Frosty

We will be starting a partnership with the Club Penguin Army Hub, and here’s what this means for Frosty.

  • More servers. Frosty will have many more servers. This is because a big part of the army community is the map/territories. An army can take over a server, and their server is their territory. Other armies can go to war with the army to take over the server and have it as their territory. For this to be a thing on Frosty, we will be adding many servers. They will be hidden under a switch, which will let you hide or show them. This is because we still want normal players to play on Blizzard.
  • Army features. On the army servers, there will be cool features such as (but not limited to): A command that lets you immediately switch to an army outfit, a command that lets you see how many people of an army are online/in the room you are in, etc…
  • Better performance. Because armies are very serious, it would be bad if suddenly the game — or a gameserver — would randomly crash in the middle of a battle. Because of this, we will be putting more effort into making sure gameservers perform well and don’t randomly crash.
  • Updated rules. We will change some of the rules to, for example, allow armies to recruit people for their army ingame.
  • Bigger population. Because we will be used for army battles, wars, territories, etc…, we will be more popular and have more players. In theory, this should mean that our game won’t be as dead as before (we will have probably more players, instead of people being the only person online at times).

And that’s basically it!

Also… if you’re not in the army community but want to join it, but don’t know which army to join, consider joining the Water Vikings. It’s the army I’m in. If you do join it, make sure to tell a commander (specifically, kingfunks4) that I recruited you!

Author: Daniel
Hi! I'm Daniel, the owner/CEO/Lead Developer of Frosty.

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