The Festival of Storms has been delayed – New Updates

Hey there, penguins! Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post, huh? Well, we’ve got some news to share regarding the highly anticipated Festival of Storms, and about some new updates and content in-game.

Party Delay

As many of you might’ve known, throughout the past few weeks we’ve been working hard on our Festival of Storms event. We wanted to get it out in December, however, as the days went by, and as progress moved slowly, it started to interfere with our scheduling of the Holiday Party and December content. So, we have made a difficult decision.

The Festival of Storms has been put on hold until early 2021. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, and we know this may disappoint a few people who were looking forward to it, and to those people, we’re sorry about this. You will have to wait a bit longer.

What happens to the island now?

As you know, there has been a big buildup to the Festival of Storms, which is one of the things that made the decision to delay quite difficult. After the Halloween Party ended, the island remained in a stormy state, and a week after that, the Recycling Plant was struck and on fire. As the party is delayed, here’s the state that the island is now:

  • The entire island is no longer in a stormy state, the normal sky has returned.
  • The Recycling Plant fires have been put out, and is still gutted of most things in it.
  • The Stage will remain under renovation for the Festival of Storms, which means no stage play will occur in December.
Downtown Post-Storm
Recycling Plant Post-Storm

Advent Calendar!

On another note, the December Advent Calendar has released on the island, located at the Forest! However, it is not items in the traditional manner.

There are 12 slots on the calendar, and they will represent the 12 months of 2021. The items in those 12 slots will correlate with an event that we do for each month of 2021! For example, the item for December 14 will represent the party we do for January, the item on December 15 will represent the party we do for February, etc.

And the items, while they still foretell parties that we will do, still have a Christmas theme to them, which gives you a good mix of the normal holiday items!

Head to the Forest to claim daily items!

Finally, as a reminder, starting December 15, Frosty will only be playable via our downloadable desktop client. This is temporary until our Unity remake of the game is completed sometime in 2021.

That’s all of the news and updates for this week! Head to Frosty to check out the new content! Again, we apologize for those looking forward to the Festival of Storms. We hope that the Holiday Party later this month won’t disappoint! Waddle on!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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