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The Halloween Party Has Started!

BOO! Happy (early) Halloween penguins, the spookiest party of the year, the Halloween Party, has begun on Frosty! We’ve been working on this one for a while, and we’re excited to bring you all it has to offer, despite the extended delay!

First of all, the storm that was spotted during the Fair has set the mood for this entire event, and there’s a night sky to go with it! Throughout the entire island, you’ll find that almost every room has been decorated with creepy building exteriors, spooky trees, pumpkins, and much much more!

Some of the attractions for this party include the Dark Chamber in the Forest, which contains many monsters, scares, and puzzles! There’s also the Candy Hunt, where you hunt around the island for 8 different pieces of candy for a prize! Can you find them all? However, with these attractions and more, there’s one thing we’ve done this year that is unique to Frosty…

Candy Corn Contest!

If you go to the Plaza, you’ll find a very ominous portal. If you dare enter it, you’ll find yourself in the Box Dimension; except it’s all turned orange and full of candy corn!

Why is this, you may ask? Well, in the room is a poster. If you click on it, you can enter a special contest, where you can guess how many pieces of candy corn you think is in the Box Dimension! But guess wisely, as you will only be allowed ONE GUESS!

The penguin who guesses the closest number to the amount of candy corn by the end of the party will be awarded a prize! So enter the portal in the Plaza and make your best guess!

Candy Corn Contest!
Candy Corn Contest!

In addition to this party, there is also a new issue of The Penguin Times, as well as a new pin! View a hint for the pin’s location by clicking on the “?” in the Upcoming Events section in the newspaper!

The Penguin Times Issue #10

That’s the highlights for the Halloween Party! There’s so much more to explore in this party, so head over to Frosty to explore it! Waddle on!

Halloween Party 2020 Town
Halloween Party 2020 Town
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