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Spooky Scary Styles – New Updates!

Hey penguins! It’s time for some new updates again, and since its the spooky month, we’ve got some exciting stuff to get you in the Halloween spirit! So lets look at all the new updates, shall we?

The Fair Has Ended

First and foremost, the Fair has come to a close. It was truly a success, and we were happy to see everyone enjoy it while it was here. Hope you got all of the prizes!

Empty Town
Goodbye to The Fair…

New Penguin Style!

The new Penguin Style for October 2020 has released! There’s plenty of new costumes and clothing as far as the eye can see, so buy all of them, and pick out your favorite costume to go trick-or-treating in!

Penguin Style October 2020 Cover
Penguin Style October 2020 Cover

New Stage Play!

That’s right, an all new stage play has appeared at the Stage, and it’s certainly unique! Head over to Downtown and perform Night of the Living Sled: Live with all of your friends, as you reenact the famous horror film of Night of the Living Sled!

Night of the Living Sled: Live Stage Play Set
Night of the Living Sled: Live Stage Play Set

Rockhopper Has Departed

Sadly, our favorite penguin pirate has left the island to return to his home, but wish him safe travels, as it won’t be very pretty weather to sail in, especially since the storm that was first spotted last week has gotten closer…

The Migrator Setting Off...
The Migrator Setting Off…

New Newspaper!

A new issue of The Penguin Times has released, look through the articles for all the latest, which include upcoming and current events around the island!

The Penguin Times Issue #9
The Penguin Times Issue #9

New Pin!

And finally, a new pin is hidden somewhere around the island. You can view a hint for its location by clicking on the ‘?’ in the Upcoming Events section in The Penguin Times.

Collectable Pin Oct10/20 Image
Click the ? to view a hint for the pin!

That’s all of the spooky new updates around the island for this week! Head over to Frosty to check it all out, and keep an eye out for everything new next week! Waddle on!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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