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The Fair: Week 2 Updates and a New Code!

Hi there, penguins! We’re glad to see everyone enjoying The Fair of 2020 so far! The Corn Maze, the games, the prizes, and more are making this party one of the best that Frosty has done so far. If you thought you were done with everything in the party, then think again! We’ve released some second week updates for the party, with even more to do, so lets jump into all of the updates!

New Prize Updates!

First, as expected, new prizes have been released across all of the prize booths in the Plaza, Forest, and Puffle Circus Entrance! There’s now some secrets in each booth too, so make sure to get ticket grinding and collect them all!

The Fair 2020 - New Plaza Prizes
New Plaza Prizes

New Corn Maze Updates!

That’s right, new surprises have been added to the Corn Maze at the Mine Shack! There is now another secret room, which is even more hidden than the other one! It contains a new furniture item, and a strange device which hints at… something… If you don’t know where in the maze to look for the room, here’s a hint at it’s location!

The Fair 2020 Corn Maze Secret Room Location
Corn Maze Secret Room Location


Telescope ??????
? ????? ?? ???????????

New Code!

To top this all off, we’ve released a new code for you to redeem in Unlock Items Online! Redeem the code THEFAIR20 to unlock a Popcorn item and 1,500 coins!

THEFAIR20 Code Banner
New Code for The Fair!

Oh, and one more thing. Rockhopper has been making some appearances for the party so far, and with him he carries a custom giveaway! So be sure to catch him at the following dates! However, he will appear at random times outside of the times shown here, so join our Discord server to know when he’s on!

Rockhopper Meetup Times - The Fair 2020
Rockhopper Meetup Times – The Fair 2020

That’s all of the updates for the second week of The Fair! Head over to Frosty to redeem the new code and get the new prizes and items before the party ends on October 9! Waddle on!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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