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The Fair Has Begun!

Heya penguins! You’ve all been waiting for it, it’s been in development for many weeks, and it’s finally here! The Fair is on now all across the island!

This party is just as you remember it. You can play many different mini games around the island to earn tickets and collect prizes! Speaking of the prizes, there’s not just two, but THREE different prize booths in the Plaza, Forest, and Puffle Circus Entrance! You’ll be grinding tickets for a while, guaranteed! But don’t get too cocky, your tickets will disappear when you log off, so spend them wisely!

You can also go to the Forest and watch the performances of the Great Puffle Circus, which has been a fan favorite of the party for 11 years! Witness the tricks of 9 different puffles and be amazed at every one of them!

Corn Maze!

We’ve been working on a special attraction for this party. If you waddle on over to the custom decorated Mine Shack, You’ll be able to explore the all new Corn Maze! There’s only one catch: there is no map to guide you. You’ll have to find your way through the maze yourself! And, spoiler alert! Hidden in the maze, you can find an entrance to a secret room which contains a few surprises… but you need to find out what they are! So don’t go to the finish and call it day! Head over to the Mine Shack to explore it!

Corn Maze Entrance

By the way, we are aware of layering issues in the Corn Maze. This will be fixed very soon.

That’s the highlights! There’s tons more to do in this party, whether it be competing in the Pizza Eating Contest at the Pizza Parlor, swimming in the ball pit at the iceberg, or bumping into each other in the Bumper Cars area at the Stadium! So head over to Frosty and explore The Fair in its entirety before it ends! Waddle on!

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Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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