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Rockhopper Has Landed – New Updates!

YARRR! We’ve got some new updates for you this week, penguins! Rockhopper has docked the Migrator on the island and he’s brought a bunch of goodies and surprises with him! You may even see him make some appearances throughout the next few days…

First, if you head on over to the Beach, you’ll find that not only has the Migrator appeared, but there’s lots of construction, boxes, and supplies for the upcoming party!

The Fair Construction Beach
Construction for the next party!

In addition, not only has Rockhopper brought all of those things, he also has a bunch of his rare items for you to purchase at the Ship Hold! A few games of Treasure Hunt in the Captain’s Quarters should give you enough coins to get them! So be sure to buy all of it, as they likely won’t make a return in the future! Did I mention one of the items are free?

Rockhopper's Rare Items September 2020
Rockhopper’s Rare Items – September 2020

And in other news, a new issue of The Penguin Times has released, which contains all the latest on the island, including the announcement and some other minor details about the next party for September!

The Penguin Times - Issue #7
The Penguin Times – Issue #7

Finally, there’s a new pin hidden somewhere on the island! And it’s located in a bit of an unusual place, can you try and find it?

Collectable Pin Sept11/20 Banner
Click on the ‘?‘ in the Upcoming Events section in The Penguin Times to view a hint for the pin’s location!

That’s all the new updates for this week, so head on over to Frosty to explore the island for all thats new, find the new pin, and hop onboard the Migrator for buying the rare items, playing Treasure Hunt, and reading the notice board! Also, keep an eye out for next weeks update as well, which will contain brand new furniture and content for your igloos! Waddle on!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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