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New Piratey Card-Jitsu Code!

Heya! It’s been a while since the last Card-Jitsu code, and we know many of you are struggling with beating opponents in Card-Jitsu with weak cards, especially since a certain staff member has been defeating many users with OP cards. But which one?

Anyways, to celebrate Rockhopper returning to the island, we’ve launched a brand new code that can unlock 5 Rockhopper-themed Card-Jitsu cards! Redeem the code RHCARDPACK to unlock them!

RHCARDPACK Code Splash Art

Enjoy the new code, head over to Frosty to redeem it, and good luck in progressing in Card-Jitsu, no matter how far in you are! Waddle on!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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