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The Penguin Games Come To An End – New Updates!

Hey there, penguins! Its update time again, so here is all of the brand new updates for this week!

First of all, the Great Penguin Games have sadly come to a close, and the island has returned to normal. Thanks to everyone who attended! And since it’s the end, it’s time to announce who the winning team is!

If you remember from our Penguin Games announcement post, you could join either team red or blue in-game, and the team which had the most members by the end of the event would win the games! And so, I am proud to announce that the winning team is…

TEAM BLUE, with a total of 56 members!! Team red wasn’t too far behind, however, with a total of 33 members. So congratulations team blue! To celebrate their victory, you can go in the Featured Area of the new Penguin Times issue to claim a special pin, which everyone can collect!

Blue Foam Finger Pin

Speaking of The Penguin Times, most of what I’m going to mention from here is already described in the new issue, so if you’re lazy and don’t want to read this post, then go in-game and read it!

The Penguin Times Issue #6

One special update that we’ve done is that if you go to the Beacon and look through the telescope, you’ll see a familiar sight approaching the island…

Beacon Telescope With Migrator - Distant

And finally, as usual, a new pin is hidden on the island. You can view a hint for its location by clicking on the “?” in the Upcoming Events section in The Penguin Times.

Collectable Pin Aug29/20 Banner

That’s all of the updates for this week! Head over to Frosty to check it all out, and stay tuned for next weeks update! Waddle on!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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