The brand-new Frosty Blog

Hello, Frosty players! We’ve got a brand new blog, where we will write announcements.

What does this mean? Well, now, on Discord, you won’t see the whole announcement — you’ll just see a short summary and a link to continue reading here.

You might think “that sounds like a hassle” (to have to click a link) but, here’s what’s cool: we will be able to put the latest blog posts (the latest announcements) on the homepage and maybe play page of Frosty, so everyone will see them! And you’ll be able to search through the announcements.

There are some cool features, like for example, categories: want to find some codes to use? You’ll be able to just open the Codes category and see all of the blog posts about that contain a redeemable code.

The blog is still mostly under contrusction, so changes will happen. We’re using the GridView theme right now, but we’ll (probably) make a custom one soon! (One that matches the rest of our site)

Anyways, that’s it! Thanks for reading, see you on the island!

Author: Daniel
Hi! I'm Daniel, the owner/CEO/Lead Developer of Frosty.

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