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Some Sporty Construction – New Updates!

Hey penguins! Its that time of the week again, and we’ve got a lot of updates for you, so here is everything thats new!

New Igloo Updates!

If you’re an igloo builder, then you’re in luck! We’ve just released a brand new Better Igloos furniture catalog along with some new music for your igloo! We’ve also re-structured the Igloo Upgrades catalog slightly. You can now see “Clearance” igloos, which are igloos that will disappear in the next catalog, as well as igloos that stay permanently, which are marked as “Always Available”! And speaking of igloo music, we’ve included 3 brand new songs that you may not have heard of before. They are actually scrapped pieces of music from “Club Penguin: Game Day!” Get coin grinding and buy all of the new igloos and furniture available!

Better Igloos & Igloo Upgrades August 2020

New Issue of The Penguin Times!

We’ve released a brand new issue of The Penguin Times, so be sure to read up on all the latest on Frosty, including the announcement of the new party for August!

The Penguin Times Issue #5

Construction Updates Around The Island!

What’s this? Construction for the new party has started! So grab a hard hat, help with building the new event, and even earn a stamp while you’re at it in the Town, Plaza, Dock, Ski Village, Forest, Snow Forts, and Downtown!

New Pin!

And finally, as always, a new pin is hidden somewhere on the island! You can view a hint for its location by clicking on the “?” in the Upcoming Events section in The Penguin Times.

Collectable Pin Aug14/20 Banner

That’s all of the new updates for this week! Head over to Frosty to explore everything we’ve released, and stay tuned for next weeks update, which will contain very exciting things, including the new party! Waddle on!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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