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Summer Party: Second Week Update!

Hey penguins! We’re glad to see you all enjoying our party so far! If you thought there was enough content already, then strap in, because we’ve pushed out a WEEK TWO update for the party, containing even more items for you to collect! So without further ado, here is all of the updates!

1. New Vendor Catalog Items!

The Vendor Catalog is an exclusive party catalog at the Plaza, which contains lot of vendor and food serving outfits. Well, theres now even more stock, as two new outfits are available! There’s the Sushi Master outfit and the Barista apron! Be sure to buy them both!

Updated Vendor Catalog Pages

2. New Item at the Beach!

Heading over to the Beach, you’ll find that a new item, the Shell Necklace, is now available! Make sure to collect it!

Seashell Necklace Location

3. New Item at the Mega Whale!

There’s a unique item that you can now find at the Mega Whale, which is located at the Iceberg. It is none other than the Hydro Jet, which, when you dance while wearing only it, you’ll be shot up and hover in the air by water jets!

4. New Furniture Item at the VIP Beach!

We’ve saved the best update for last. Over at the VIP Beach, you’ll notice a pillow with ducks on it. And if you walk on it, you’ll be given a Ducky furniture item! But it doesn’t stop there. While it looks like only one type of duck, if you press the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard when you click the duck, you can rotate it left or right, and switch between the 8 different decorated ducks from the Missing Ducky scavenger hunt! Best of all, you can collect up to 99 of these items!

Ducky Furniture Location

And thats all of the updates for the second week of the Summer Party of 2020! We hope you enjoy the last week of the party and all of the new updates, head on over to Frosty to check it out! Waddle On!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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