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A New Summer Code … and lots of bug fixes!

Hey penguins! We hope you’re enjoying the Summer Party so far! We’ve just launched a new code to unlock more items!

We will also be releasing a second code a few days after this one, so be sure to wait on that!

For now though, you can redeem the code SUMMER20 to unlock a Beach Ball clothing item and 2000 coins!

SUMMER20 Code Unlock Screen

While I have you, we’ve also fixed a plethora of bugs in-game, but here are some of the highlights:

  • The slides in the VIP Beach now work properly.
  • You can now throw the volleyball at the Iceberg when you have two penguins standing on opposite ends of the net, but at least one of you must wear a swimsuit.
  • The special dance for the Peach Duck item now works, and even works with the Water Wings!

Anyways, enjoy this new item, head on over to Frosty to unlock it and remember that we will launch another one soon! Waddle on!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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