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The Development of the Summer Party 2020

The Summer Party 2020 is one of the biggest parties we’ve ever had in Frosty, and we are really happy people enjoyed the party! As you might expect, there were a lot of things that were different in this party compared to the final party. So, in this post, I’ll be showcasing the unreleased and work-in-progress content that went into the Summer Party development!

1. The Duckie Scavenger Hunt

Earlier Version of the Rookie's Lost Duckies Hunt

The scavenger hunt for Rookie’s Lost Duckies is one of the main attractions of the party. It went through 2 major changes before being released in the finished party. First, the hunt originally had 6 duckies hidden instead of 8. It was changed to 8 because the more you search, the more you explore and play the game, which is good. And second, the prize was originally the Blue Lei, but was changed to the custom VIP Lei. This was done to add more custom content to the party.

2. The Iceberg

Earlier Version of the Summer Party 2020 Iceberg

This is the Iceberg design for the party while it was still a work in progress. As you know, in the final design, you can have two penguins stand on opposite ends of the volleyball net to toss the ball back and forth. In this test design, we were testing the triggers for it. You can see the X’s on the ground, which indicate the location of the triggers. At the top you can see a plant from the Stage during “Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed”, which we used to test the triggers as well.

3. The VIP Beach

Earlier Version of the VIP Beach

This is a very early version of what eventually became the VIP Beach (we hadn’t decided on a name at the time). As you can see, its vastly different from the final version of the room. The slides are different colors, the chairs are different, and it’s an overall more snowy environment. This is because, when we were planning the party early on, it was originally going to mostly be the Water Party of 2008 with little to no changes. The room was also going to be accessed from the Snow Forts instead of the Forest.

4. The Plaza

Earlier Version of Summer Party 2020 Plaza

Again, this is a work-in-progress version of the Plaza. We were experimenting with the idea of vendor stands, and from the beginning we were thinking of having custom Noodle and Grey Fish Burrito vendor outfits. You can see the early progress of the room in this photo.

5. The Forest

Earlier Version of the Summer Party 2020 Forest

This is the Forest while it was still a work in progress. This was no way intended to be the final version. The room was empty and we felt like it needed more. And so, we added more palm trees, surfboards, and other decorations, and eventually made the room to what it is now. Also, here’s the very cursed treeless Forest while we were working on it. You’re welcome.

TREELESS Summer Party 2020 Forest

And thats a glimpse at what went into the Summer Party development! We hoped you enjoyed it, as well as the entirety of the party! Keep an eye out for future updates over at Frosty, waddle on!

Author: Chris
Head Moderator & blog writer for the CPPS Frosty, in the Club Penguin community since 2012!

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