Screenshot of the new Frosty Play Page

The all-new redesigned play page & Army server cluster!

Hello, penguins of Frosty! Today we’re launching a very big update: the new play page redesign!

We now have a brand new play page, with several quality-of-life changes and new features.

The Play Page

Here’s what’s new:

  • More screen space: We have made the header very short and completely removed the footer, meaning the game is way bigger now! On the old page, it used to be very tiny and generally a bad experience. But now, you can use almost your full screen to your advantage! Throw snowballs with precision.
Comparison of screen space between the old and new play page.
Comparison of screen space between the old and new page.
  • Next, dark background: You asked, and we heard you. The brand-new play page makes the border around the game black! Because of this, your eyes won’t burn anymore and vampires can now enjoy Frosty.
  • And finally, server clusters: Now we can separate servers into categories! For now, there are two clusters: Main & Army. But if we ever want to add more categories (for example, a non-english server category) then we can make a new cluster! You can switch between clusters by clicking Server Cluster at the top of the page.
Picture of the dropdown that lets you switch server clusters
Screenshot of the Server Cluster switcher.

Army Server Cluster

Since we have Server Clusters now, we added an Army server cluster! These servers will be used as army territory. This is of course part of our partnership with the Club Penguin Army Hub. Here’s a list of all of them!

  • Hot Cocoa
  • Snowball
  • Snowflake
  • Mittens
  • Borealis
  • Snow Cone
  • Cascade
  • Honeycomb
  • Bubblegum
  • Zero Gravity
  • Ice Ice Baby
  • December
  • Icy Meadows
  • Arctic Blast
  • Chocolate
  • Ice Breaker

These servers will soon be added to the CPAH map, so they’ll be available to be used as territory!

Anyways, that’s all! Get yourself over to Frosty to try the new play page and all the changes we made — and of course, as always, thanks for playing Frosty.

Author: Daniel
Hi! I'm Daniel, the owner/CEO/Lead Developer of Frosty.

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