Picture of Daniel using the Army Outfit Switcher to switch to the Water Vikings outfit.

The Army Outfit Switcher has now been added!

Hello, penguins of Frosty! We have added an army outfit switcher. To switch between army outfits, all you need to do is run the command !army ArmyName in chat. For example, !army WV for Water Vikings, !army RPF for Rebel Penguin Federation, etc…. This is part of our partnership with the Club Penguin Army Hub, which you can read more about here.

List of Armies that you can use with the Army Outfit Switcher

Below is a list of all the army outfits you can switch between.

  • To switch to an army, write !army SHORTNAME where SHORTNAME is the short name of the army.
  • NONE: No army. Removes all clothing.
  • RPF: Rebel Penguin Federation
  • IW: Ice Warriors
  • DCP: Doritos of Club Penguin
  • ELITES: Elites
  • WV: Water Vikings
  • DW: Dark Warriors
  • HF: Help Force
  • ACP: Army of Club Penguin

If you are a Major Army (listed in #major-armies on the CPAH Discord server) and your outfit is not added (your army is not listed here), please either:

That’s all! Thanks for playing Frosty.

Author: Daniel
Hi! I'm Daniel, the owner/CEO/Lead Developer of Frosty.

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