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August 2020 Penguin Style Banner
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New Penguin Style Catalog for August 2020!

We’ve just released the new Penguin Style catalog for August of 2020, and its full of lots of new items and features!

Summer Party 2020 Development Header
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The Development of the Summer Party 2020

The Summer Party 2020 Development went through a lot of changes as the weeks went on, and we’re giving you a glimpse at what went on behind the scenes!

The Penguins That Time Forgot Banner
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New Updates Are Live Around The Island!

We’ve released lots of new updates around the island, including a new pin, stage play, newspaper, and a slight update to the map!

Summer Party Code Header
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A New Code for the Summer Party 2020!

Hey penguins! If you recall from our other code post, we promised that we would release another code for the… read more A New Code for the Summer Party 2020!

Summer Party 2nd Week Update Banner
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Summer Party: Second Week Update!

If you think the Summer Party 2020 didn’t have enough content already, then get ready, because we’ve released a Week 2 update with more items to collect!

Summer Code Featured Image
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A New Summer Code … and lots of bug fixes!

A New Code… and some bug fixes!

Summer Party 2020 Header
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Summer Party is LIVE!

The Summer Party of 2020 is LIVE on the island!

Screenshot of the new Frosty Play Page
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The all-new redesigned play page & Army server cluster!

We have completely redesigned the play page to improve the user experience, and we have also added 16 more servers in an all-new server cluster: Army!

Picture of Daniel using the Army Outfit Switcher to switch to the Water Vikings outfit.
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The Army Outfit Switcher has now been added!

Hello, penguins! We have added the Army Outfit Switcher. Read more about it in this post, which tells you what it does and has a list of all the outfits.

Summer Party Construction Header
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Summer Party Construction has Started!

Construction for the upcoming Summer Party has been released in different rooms around the island!